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Voice of the People, Dec. 1, 2021

Voice of the People, Dec. 1, 2021

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Bogus polls may swing close election

I watched this year’s campaigning and election as I do each election season. I am usually intrigued by the university and independent polls. So often, these polls are quite far from the real results, as they were in this N.J. governor’s race. Polls had Phil Murphy up by 8% to 10%, and he barely won.

As I learned in a college statistics course, numbers can be manipulated in so many ways to make the results look how the pollsters want them to. This being said, I wonder how many voters heard these numbers and didn’t bother to vote, thinking the outcome was imminent per the polls.

This thinking could change the outcome of a given race, and cause voter apathy. These polls need to be ignored because every vote counts and can possibly change the outcome.

Donald Wesley

Somers Point

Had to vote using a provisional ballot

I contacted the Atlantic County elections office and opted for walk-in voting for us. No more mail-ins.

Two days after I initially called, I called back to make sure they registered us as walk-ins. I was told we were placed on walk-in balloting status.

I went to vote at Linwood City Hall and there was no record, after 19 years of voting, of my name in the register book as a voter. I had to fill out a provisional ballot so I could vote.

The voting personnel at City Hall were very, very courteous and helpful, but actually quite flustered.

When I got home, I called the Atlantic County elections board and asked how I could find out if my provisional vote would count because I was not registered as a voter (the official at the election board was very courteous). I was told to go to to find out. (That’ll be a fun PC adventure to navigate.)

From that experience, I realized exactly how failure in the voting system can exist and be used to fraudulently change the true direction and outcome of an election. I now understand how the 2020 election could have been rigged for the purpose of causing Trump to lose the presidency.

Richard McGuire


Voters also rejected big-spending programs

Clear thinking citizens realize that we all (and our children) will be paying for the insane Democratic programs they are trying to push through Congress.

Most people do not want a Socialist U.S.A. nor a huge national debt.

In recent elections, we centrists (and Republicans) pushed back against the Democrats.

Larry Metzman



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