Truth about genocides

Regarding the recent story, “Survivors mark 25 years since Srebrenica (Bosnia) massacre”:

It took 25 years to accept the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica of 8,000-plus Muslim men and boys.

More than 8,000-plus witnesses lost their sons, fathers, husbands. When does a human being accept the truth of massacre, murders, famine? All were part of genocide.

In Ukraine in 1932-33, Stalin’s USSR regime strictly imposed deadly famine, the Holodomor, and 10 million-plus people died due to starvation. The USSR denied it and blamed the weather. Yet Ukrainian grain was sold to other countries at cheaper prices.

Now over 80 years later in Washington, D.C., a monument was dedicated to Holodomor victims. Some still deny it!

In the World War II Holocaust, 6 million Jews were put to death in gas chambers and yes, some still deny that.

In 1943, in Katyn Forest, Poland, 4,400 Polish officers were murdered.

Shame on the United States and the entire world for periods of silence in the past and letting the truth die with victims of genocide.

Kathryn Stachejko


Media ally of Marxist Dems

The greatest danger to America is not Russia, China or any other country. It is 90% of the U.S. media. Since the 1960s and early ’70s the media has become the character assassination arm of the socialist/Marxist Democratic Party with the goal of destroying the very fabric of what has made the United States the number one nation in the world. No positive articles can be found in the daily branches of the media. Not surprising. You don’t destroy by stating positive news.

Check the daily media for anything but negative doom and gloom, which benefits the parasitic Marxist arm of the Democrats. Look for buzzwords, especially from the far-left Associated Press, such as “common sense,” “expert” and “anonymous source.” Today’s media staff were indoctrinated by far left journalism professors, who taught that viewers and readers of the media are simpletons, hicks, who are far less intelligent than academics and their students. These are buzzwords meant to persuade.

The media believes strongly that over 60 million Americans need to be re-educated to a Marxist ideology. The media seeks to divide Americans; that is why the race card is played so heavily, far in excess of its existence in society. Essentially, the media goal is to divide and conquer.

Fortunately, we have an administration that is color blind and considers all Americans equal and desires that they be treated as such. I don’t care who a person decides to vote for, just as long as it isn’t a Marxist Democrat.

Ron Hill

Egg Harbor City

Follow ride hailing rules

Along with 6 foot distancing and wearing face masks, we should also take safety precautions when getting into Ubers and Lyfts.

New Jersey enacted “Sami’s Law” to help protect riders from getting into the wrong vehicle. Sami’s Law states that all ride sharing vehicles have placards on both side rear windows which have a picture of the driver, license plate and QR code.

I drive for both platforms and in the Wildwoods, we have an abundance of people from out of state that drive for both platforms and think they don’t need the placards. First that is illegal but most of all it is unsafe for the passengers who rely on ride sharing apps at the shore. I have contacted the North Wildwood mayor and chief of police. Both said they would look into the matter. Spread the word and help citizens have a safer summer.

Jonathan Wilson


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