Inactivity increases risk

Many of the homeowners associations in the United States have eliminated all physical and mental activities for the senior citizens of their communities due to the fear of litigation.

The majority of legal minds has recommended to the boards of associations that if they open their facilities as their governors have directed, they are open to lawsuits that not only affect the association, but the board and even the residents or homeowners of the community.

This unwillingness to take a calculated risk that includes following all federal and state guidelines with a signed waiver of responsibility has left most of the most vulnerable group to COVID-19 without any means for exercise or social contact. Our clubhouse and all of its ancillary facilities have been closed since March and our board refuses to change their opinion moving forward.

It’s time for legislators to pass a bill that eliminates the potential for a lawsuit if the rules and regulations are complied with relative to the COVID-19.

Please help the age group that needs these activities the most to build up strength and their immune system. We are mature enough to insure compliance without our population.

Richard Hohmann

Egg Harbor Township

French Revolution justified

Regarding the recent letter, “French history lesson”:

If the writer went to Versailles, he might understand quickly why the “mob ruled” and rid itself of its king (its president). Lesson learned? N’es pas?

Jack Riehl

Cape May

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