Cancel people sparingly

Cancel culture is a two-edged sword that should plunge into prey sparingly. Certainly it would be appropriate to slay a tyrant, toppling him from his platform into the netherworld. But such an action would not be justified if inflicted upon a person with a sincerely held disagreeable opinion.

We must not allow ourselves to slink into safe spaces, diminishing the diversity of thought when it is unwarranted.

Furthermore, viewpoints can change over time.

A noxious opinion held decades ago, subsequently refuted by wisdom gained through enlightened experience, should not be exhumed from a well-deserved burial to punish the reformed perpetrator, insisting say the “imagined” culprit be fired from a job properly earned.

Intolerance should be replaced by forgiveness whenever possible. Those who throw stones need to realize the glass houses we all live in contain their own imperfections.

If we are to overcome the polarized world we grudgingly share, we must be willing to walk in each other’s shoes. Unless they are so tight they cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, this may help us see the better angels of those we disagree with, perhaps quaff a beer or two together, celebrating this uplifting revelation.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

Still trying to get Trump

Regarding the recent Harry Litman commentary, “Congress should make Roger Stone talk to revive the Russia probe”:

Litman says Stone’s commutation is a body blow to two core democratic values. What he means is to two core Democratic values. First the constant trashing of the duly elected president and second the failure to find any evidence of coordination with the Russians despite Mueller’s $40 million investigation.

All the while Litman and the mainstream media ignore the real Russian collusion by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, paying for what they hoped was Russian dirt on candidate Donald Trump. Since there was no basis for the investigation into Trump and his team, some of the traps set that resulted in the convictions of some team members should result in pardons or commutations.

Mueller’s people ruined lives in their quest to hurt the president. Lying to Congress should not be tolerated but when day after day members of Congress like Adam Schiff lie about “evidence in plain sight,” it takes the edge off jailing people for misspeaking.

Hank Page

Sea Isle City

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