Power corrupts Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy seems to think he has the power of God and each day exercises that power to a greater degree.

Murphy has let his authority go to his head. I think he has single handedly destroyed the state economy of New Jersey. Oh, there are people who think what his lordship has done is actually on their behalf. They believe that he has their health and safety at the very top of the list.

I think some people have become so naive in their thinking. He seems to have done just about everything in his power to destroy Atlantic City and don’t think for one second that he doesn’t have his own agenda. The only problem is he’s the only person that knows what that is.

Bob Lancione

Atlantic City

Wear masks outdoors

I walk early on the Ventnor Boardwalk and I see very few people wearing masks. People spend hundreds of dollars buying expensive running shoes to protect their feet, buying bike helmets to protect their heads, and buying sunscreen to protect their bodies, yet some don’t wear a mask outdoors. I recently walked behind a maskless, sweaty runner who was coughing with every step — I altered my path. Wearing a mask around the neck, on a wrist or under the nose is worthless. I wear a mask to protect others from me, and people should wear a mask to protect me from them.

Randee Dutton


Reopen government

I would like to say that as much as President Trump is ensuring that the children go back to school and everyone goes back to work, I cannot understand why many of the government agency IRS employees have not gone back to work.

There are people still waiting for their tax refund or to receive or get information from the IRS and all you get are employees at home with no answers.

You can’t get anyone on the phone for unemployment matters either, but people are ready to send children back to school.

Yes they need an education, but their parents need their refund or unemployment to help care for their children as well.

Get these government agencies fully open and running. I am sure a lot of people would appreciate the gesture.

Deborah Gunter


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