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Voice of the People, April 9, 2021

Voice of the People, April 9, 2021

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Must soon address school shutdown losses

The world recently celebrated the one year anniversary of pandemic restrictions. I remember an email from my head of school last March that said we’d be taking off from school for two weeks while this whole coronavirus thing passed through. It’s now been a year of school during the pandemic.

I am lucky enough that I’ve had in-person schooling since August. In school, we wear masks and if we feel sick we stay home. Other than that, everything has been pretty much back to normal. I feel completely safe. I am excited to say we will still be having prom and graduation this year.

My friends in other schools are not so lucky. For the most part, they are running on either a hybrid schedule or a fully online schedule. I hear them complain about how stressed out they are. They struggle to get their work done. If they have to log into class at 8 A.M., then they wake up at 7:58. They have a tough time paying attention in class. Most of them will not be having a prom or in-person graduation. Just to be frank, these are all straight “A” students, or at least they were before the pandemic.

I cannot imagine what is going on below the high school level. We are practically adults, and we are still having difficulties dealing with online school. How can a fifth grader, or a first grader, be expected to sit at a computer monitor for school all day? There is no way that they are able to learn to the same capacity as before.

Something needs to budge. Students belong in a real, physical classroom.

There are going to be high school freshmen next year that haven’t seen the inside of a school building in two years. It’s been a year of lockdowns, and it’s high time that we start putting students back in the classroom. If not, we will be facing the consequences later on down the road. I cannot say that I have a solution figured out, but I can definitely say that there’s a problem here that needs to be addressed soon.

Greyson Sapio

Egg Harbor Township

For Grossman in primary

The state primaries are the perfect example of our politically corrupt state. Any dissension in an organization weakens its power. Thus ridiculous elections with one candidate.

I don’t necessarily share all of his views, but I will vote for Seth Grossman for the Republican candidate for state Senate in Atlantic County, whom I’m sure will stir up the pot if elected.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

Media dumps garbage

I just heard Congressman Jeff Van Drew recount he and his family’s recent horrifying experience at the hands of independent “journalist” John McCall, who represents himself as a member of the New Jersey Press Association.

Not only did McCall leave what I consider a death threat on the congressman’s home phone, he used the Ocean City Sentinel’s editorial platform to spew garbage about Van Drew’s decision to reject pressure by the Democratic political machine to control his vote for partisan purposes.

The Sentinel published McCall on Jan. 13, “Like all Trump loyalists, Van Drew … is guilty of subverting the peaceful and equitable functioning of our government. … This is treason. And the penalty for treason is execution.” He also talked about sexually assaulting Van Drew’s wife “over the hood of her car.”

After Van Drew challenged the comments and newspaper, Editor David Nahan apologized and removed them from the Sentinel’s website. But the damage was done. The desired points were made. Once the garbage is dumped, it is impossible to remove the stench by throwing a blanket over it.

Unfortunately this is a microcosm of the mainstream media. Left to their own designs, they repeatedly stretch, fabricate or ignore the truth, allow unfiltered commentary like this to appear on their editorial page, polluting the minds of their readers, and only if a challenge is so irrefutable, begrudgingly they issue a retraction. Where is the accountability for those in charge of protecting the integrity of the media? Why are gross abuses such as this allowed to occur without repercussions?

If customers don’t push back, call out irresponsible performance and demand change, they deserve what they get. The real problem is where can we go to get what we deserve?

Tom Collins


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