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Voice of the People, April 10, 2021

Voice of the People, April 10, 2021

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Vote claim unreasonable

Well, one more nail in the coffin holding the alleged fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Sidney Powell, formerly of President Trump’s team of legal eagles, in her response to the lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems brought against her, stated that the case should be dismissed because Dominion was not damaged by the endless tales of corruption she created and/or amplified because “no reasonable person would believe them.” In other words, everyone who did believe them is an unreasonable person.

Powell’s attempt to get out from under the Dominion defamation lawsuit by claiming her statements were unreasonable is a slap to the face of Trump supporters. Her allegations led to death threats against Dominion employees, driving at least one of them to take his family into hiding.

Will this reversal of a claim of voting fraud lead some Trump supporters to let go of their fantasy that Trump should have been the election winner? Probably not. But, it is a step in the right direction.

Robert Post


DNC controls government

We the people no longer run the government. “We the Democratic National Committee” are the ones running it. And none of us elected this committee. Elected Democratic politicians who do not toe the party line are ostracized and forced out.

In our region, Rep. Jeff Van Drew is the prime example. When he disagreed with the speaker of the House, she tried to force him to go against the majority of his constituents. So he was out on his ear and threatened by party minions.

A candidate who did not even come close to winning a single presidential primary was chosen by the DNC to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Is this really the government that the people want?

Frank Priolo


Don’t tell O.C. what to do

Regarding the recent letter, “Wind farm looks fine”:

It is very funny that a writer from Egg Harbor Township tells Ocean City what to do. If she likes the turbines, put them in Egg Harbor Bay.

Jim Graham

Ocean City

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