“That’s nice but a stone parking lot doesn’t make any sense for someone using a walker.”

Bob Vito

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‘New Whitesboro post office

honors town’s namesake, history’

“I thought in California they let the kids decide their own gender.”

Andrew Elias

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‘California fire sparked by gender reveal party groes to more than 10,000 acres’

“Not hit by COVID. They’ve been hit by Democrat policies that kept them shut down and restricted.”

Michael Ranfone

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‘Egg Harbor City business district

hit hard by COVID-19’

“I can’t understand how or why people are or would want to be traveling around.”

Lou Patriste

‘Visitors, businesses making the most

of Labor Day weekend’

“Why does he have to agree? Shouldn’t he just play where he is told?”

Cat Lucia

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‘Peters agrees to move back to left tackle 6 days ahead of Eagles’ season opener’

“Wow, ate there the other week, wish I knew they had bomb empanadas.”

Craig Cress

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‘Rincón Catracho voted best empanadas in Chelsea section of Atlantic City’

“This girl is either dead or living in Mexico.”

Michael Dante

‘Search for missing 5-year-old Bridgeton girl continues nearly 1 year later’

“Not one cool car. My first car was a Z28 1986 brand new off the lot for $13.5k.”

Dane Weiss

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‘Top cars for teens: These new

and used vehicles rated best’

“It isn’t gone. Waiting to come back.”

Harriet Giordano

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‘Atlantic and Cape May counties

report no new COVID-19 deaths’

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