“Young, fit lifeguards have the best chance for a quick cure. Will be back on the job soon.”

Tanya Martin

via Facebook

‘24 Long Beach Island lifeguards

test positive for virus’

“N.J. needs to fix its unemployment issues and stop expecting landlords to go without payment. They have bills too.”

Nicola Delorio

via Facebook

‘NJ eviction moratorium continues,

as COVID-19 crisis enters sixth month’

“Well done, Rowan! I admire your ethics.”

Joanne Zingaro

via Facebook

‘Rowan University lowers tuition cost

due to COVID-19’

“This is a good plan even if it will fail to relieve backed-up traffic on heavy summer travel days.”

Richard McDonald

‘In Somers Point, one area’s parkway-traffic solution is another’s headache’

“Wouldn’t you have to open them first?”

Mike Grogan

via Facebook

‘Tips to avoid getting sick at the gym’

“Censorship in America should scare everyone.”

Vienna Kinsey Snyder

via Facebook

‘Facebook, Twitter and YouTube remove viral video making coronavirus claims’

“This must end before we find ourselves in a true depression of our own creation.”

Richard S. Zoppo

‘Court rules New Jersey can

shut down gym that defied closure’

“If his royal highness will stop playing God and open restaurants, maybe there would be work for people.”

Jeannie Petrarca

via Facebook

‘What to do after your $600 weekly unemployment bonus expires’

“They never should have opened on Thanksgiving.”

Debbie Off

via Facebook

‘Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods join Walmart in closing on Thanksgiving’

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