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Voice of the People, Nov. 17, 2022

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Use seawalls, bulkheads to protect from ocean

I’ve lived at the Jersey Shore for decades. I’ve seen many bad storms. I’ve never seen the benefit of the sand dunes. They block the views of the ocean, don’t let water drain from the street side of the dunes, leaving breeding ground for insects and disease. Then, with every serious storm, all that sand blows away.

The authorities think they need to spend billions to restore the dunes. If they want to restore the beaches, fine, but stop wasting tax money for what I believe is ruining the environment and getting essentially no storm surge benefits. Build seawalls and bulkheads to protect property if wanted. They don’t blow away. I think beach management is just more government ineptitude.

Robert Fleisher

Atlantic City

Carry permit law should keep guns from people

Gun rights advocates usually purport to be for law enforcement, which seems not compatible. Recently I read that Atlantic City police were suspicious that a man in a group was carrying a gun. They searched him and found it was true and he did not have a carry permit. They were able to get this gun off the street, at least for that night.

If there was not a law that required a carry permit, they may have not had grounds to remand the gun. And that guy would have been able to shoot someone. Yet the NRA looks at it like the requirements of some states for a carry permit interfere with the Second Amendment. New York was sued over its permit carry law. I believe the carry permit law should be used to help keep immature brains, crazies, out of controllers and gang members from legally carrying a gun, and gives the police more ways to get guns off the streets.

With the assassination shooting of police, the gun rights advocates should stand down and think of ways to get guns from the above mentioned categories of people who should never have guns if they are to live among us.

Suzanne Pelkaus


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