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Joseph Breidenstine

How do I access the pages? I didn't get any delivery Friday and the format changed Saturday.

David Jacob

What happened to Killer Soduko?

Mona Moore

Can someone explain how to print out a puzzle on one sheet of paper??

jerry scharff

As soon as I posted my comment, it's back.

jerry scharff

When will they be back?

Eleanor Gaskill

YAY!!! They're baaaack

User Temporary

I sent an email describing the problem. Their email bot thinks it's me so they sent me a new account. Didn't help. lol

Ekizabeth Byrne

Hello is anyone there. Fix the puzzles please.

mmelhorn-at-pressofac-dot-com Staff
Mark Melhorn

Hi Ekizabeth. I'm able to see the page, can you please give me more details?

Eleanor Gaskill

Come on people-how hard can it be to put the puzzles back??????


David Bates

Fix this page please

Charles Montemurro

If you don't post the puzzles, I will droip my subscription.

Ekizabeth Byrne

where are the puzzles?

Joseph McGonigle

I agree. I can't find the puzzles

Lawrence Lhulier

Where are the puzzles??? Trying to get more money!!!

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