Hazy Sunshine Smoke

Despite only a few clouds, the sky is gray in South Jersey Monday, as smoke from the Western wildfires reaches the East Coast. 

To quote Aerosmith, “it’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend” for Wednesday’s weather. That will mean comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine, though one that is glossed over gray with the smoke from the California wildfires.

Temperatures Wednesday morning will be similar to Tuesday’s. In Weymouth Township and the Pinelands, temperatures will start out around 50. For Pleasantville and the Garden State Parkway corridor, it will be in the mid-50s. Along the shore, a gentle east wind will boost temperatures to the mid-60s. So, quite the range in temperatures.

We’ll have high pressure just offshore Wednesday, which will keep the winds gentle from the east. With water temperatures in the 70s, this will keep us milder than Tuesday, when we failed to reach 70 degrees for the first time this season.

However, don’t swim in the water, as there remains an elevated risk of rip currents. Highs will be in the seasonable low to mid-70s for most spots.

Again, we’ll be mostly sunny. However, a gray tint will be present in the sky due to the wildfire smoke out West being transported here. The path it’s taken is generally from Oregon, up to the Canada-United States border, into Ontario and then down into the Northeast. Expect this for the rest of the week, until the upper air pattern changes this weekend.

Upper Air Pattern for Sept. 16 - Sept. 20

The 500 millibar air pattern, about 18,000 feet high from Wednesday until Saturday. Until the oranges, areas of higher than usual pressure, leave the Pacific Northwest, wildfire smoke will continue to travel the continent, going around the clockwise spinning high pressure. 

Temperatures will slide through the 70s and into the 60s during the evening. Overnight, lows will stay in the 60s, near 60 well inland, with upper 60s at the shore. This will be comfortable, windows-open weather, so we won’t have the little, morning bite in the air.

Thursday will see slowly increasing cloud cover, which will add more gray to the sky. Outdoor events or activities will be great, and a beach day looks likely. Highs will hurdle to around 80 for most mainland spots. The shore will be in the upper 70s, just a tick cooler.

Thursday night into Friday morning is the most uncertain part of the forecast as we need to figure out if the remnants of Hurricane Sally will make their way here. In the mid-Atlantic, Sally will be steered by a cold front that will pass. While the front itself won’t bring any rain, if it doesn’t escape the shore in time, Sally’s remnants will ride along the front, bringing some rain.

Expect a cloudy Thursday evening, with temperatures falling through the 70s. Between 9 and 11 p.m., the risk for showers will begin. The highest potential for rain will be in Cape May, with Hammonton possibly staying completely dry. This will last throughout the night. Except for just minor stage coastal flooding during the Thursday evening high tide, no flooding will be expected.

We’ll have a cloudy sky with perhaps a shower from 9 to 11 a.m. Friday. However, it will not be a washout. Afterward, another potent fall, Canadian high pressure will sweep in. Temperatures will not rise much during the day, staying in the low 70s.

A strong northeast wind will usher in sweater, flannel, apple picking weather for Friday night into Saturday. The cooler weather will come right on time, as one of our last 7 p.m. or later sunsets happens Friday. Afterward, there will be plentiful September sun, with crisp high temperatures in the upper 60s Saturday. That will carry over into Sunday as well.

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