Last year, the Smitty’s Parking Lots team captured the championship in the high school division of the Wildwood Crest Recreation summer basketball league. Pictured from that Smitty's Parking Lots team are, from left: standing - Joseph Abate, Dennis Cleary, Domenic DeMarco, Jimmy Kurtz, Seamus Fynes and Joel Robinson; kneeling - Jared McKnights, Nicholas Papamarkos, Jared Johnson and Richie Hughes.

The following are results from recent games played in the Wildwood Crest Recreation summer basketball leagues:


Tuesday, July 7

• Dogtooth Bar and Grill 49, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 22: Ayden Howell and Alex Daniels led a balanced attack for the winners with eight points apiece. Dennis Rodrigues scored six points and Jack Kurtz added three in the loss.

• Duffer’s Ice Cream 41, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 37: Brian Cunniff (16) and Carter Short (10) each scored in double figures for Duffer’s. Aaron James and Gavin Burns posted eight points apiece in the loss.

• Cone Crazy 41, Domino’s Pizza 25: Mark Stendardo netted 12 points and Ahmed Djellal chipped in nine points for Cone Crazy. Cade Vogdes led all scorers with 16 points and Micah Watkins added two points in the loss.

Thursday, July 9

• Duffer’s Ice Cream 35, Domino’s Pizza 28: Carter Short and Brian Cunniff each netted 12 points and Chuck Clunn chipped in six for Duffer’s. R.J. Blanda deposited nine points and Cade Vogdes chipped in eight points in the loss.

• Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 54, Cone Crazy 52: Christina Sorensen scored 12 points and Shan McCormac added 11 for the winners. Mark Stendardo (12) and Ty Bonner (11) topped Cone Crazy.

• Dogtooth Bar and Grill 67, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 38: Aydan Howell poured in 24 points and Ryan McGrath and Reagan Flickinger each added seven points for Dogtooth. Stephen Kmetz (11) and Gavin Burns (10) each scored in double figures in the loss.

STANDINGS: Dogtooth Bar and Grill 2-0, Duffer’s Ice Cream 2-0, Cone Crazy 1-1, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 1-1, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 0-2, Domino’s Pizza 0-2.


Wednesday, July 8

• Chris Henderson Realty 72, Sam’s Pizza 35: Seamus Fynes poured in 25 points ad Jimmy Kurtz added 13 points for the winners. Omarian McNeal paced Sam’s with 14 points. Lance Lillo chipped in six.

• Smitty’s Parking Lots 43, Casiello Construction 33: Dom Troiano swished 13 points and Tyler Bailey contributed 12 points for Smitty’s. Casiello got 14 points from Joel Robinson and 10 points from Mackey Bonner.

• Alfe’s Restaurant 52, Crestfully Clean 36: J.P. Baron sank a game-high 23 points and Lukas Basile added 13 points for Alfe’s. Kevin Castro tallied 18 points and Christian Short chipped in eight points in the loss.

STANDINGS: Chris Henderson Realty 1-0, Smitty’s Parking Lots 1-0, Alfe’s Restaurant 1-0, Sam’s Pizza 0-1, Casiello Construction 0-1, Crestfully Clean 0-1.


Thursday, July 9

• Saratoga Grill 20, Lunch With Lynch 19: Owen Bannon sank eight points and Katie Eichenhofer added four points in the win. Evan Papageorgiou’s eight points and Crew Fuscallero’s four points led Lunch With Lynch.

• Wawa Markets 18, Poppi’s Pizza 13: Theo Margarities produced 10 points and Charlie Flickinger scored four points in the win. Poppi’s got six points from Rio Pitts and five points from Owen Dougherty.

STANDINGS: Wawa Markets 2-0, Poppi’s Pizza 1-1, Saratoga Grill 1-1, Lunch With Lynch 0-2.

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