From the very first printed issue of The Current (Gazette), the focus and mission has always been on providing the community an easy way to stay connected with local news and positive stories. There is an importance, now more than ever, to reach readers and the entire community to keep us connected. While free home delivery is still part of the planned distribution we are also adding another way for you to easily read the full weekly paper, as you would the printed paper, online.

In the coming weeks, the Catamaran papers (both the Currents in Atlantic County and the Gazettes in Cape May County) will be offering a full digital edition to readers in each community. Signing up to receive an email with the link to the full digital copy of the printed paper is easy.

If you are a reader of the Current, please email us at; if you are a Gazette reader, please email us at to be added to our weekly digital newsletter that will contain the stories and columns that normally come to you in a printed form.

Please mention your name, address and hometown in your email so we can continue to deliver the most appropriate community newsletter to you. Every week on your normal delivery day, you will receive an emailed link to your full digital edition Current or Gazette.

We are all in this together. Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s stay fully connected.

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