When Gabriela Kaplanova graduated the University of Economics in Prague with a MBA in international business and international corporate law, living and working in southern New Jersey was not in her plans. However, after working throughout Europe and gaining a global perspective along with learning to speak English in England, she moved to Ventnor, New Jersey.

Kaplanova did what any hard-working and determined individual would do. She started working and her hard work paid off.

In the 1990s, she started work at Caesars in Atlantic City and her background, education and knowledge caught the attention of the leadership at the casino. She worked numerous jobs in the organization until she left to join a company called Marketing Results. The opportunity allowed her to travel around the United States advising casinos and creating player reward programs and the creative marketing that promotes the programs.

Working in the industry and traveling the nation gave Kaplanova additional opportunities to see more of the country and learn about the people and the diversity of needs of individual Americans. She decided in the late nineties to make a career shift and return to working in southern New Jersey. One thing Kaplanova discovered while working and traveling is seeing and experiencing so many different places increased her joy in helping people, whether it was in Europe or the United States.

“I always have felt the more you see, the more you understand,” Kaplanova said. Along with business travel, she is a firm believer in family travel and travel for pleasure. “Travel is so important. You experience the good and sometimes the bad” she said, adding that travel was a form of education for not only herself but her family as well.

A number of years ago, she received her insurance license and ultimately became an owner as part of Allstate Insurance in Upper Township. Over the past two decades Kaplanova has built her knowledge and experience in serving the insurance needs and financial needs of the region.

This year Kaplanova decided it was time to open a new insurance agency. Kaplanova now owns a Goosehead Insurance Co. serving all of southern New Jersey and a portion of eastern Pennsylvania. The guiding principles of knowledge, integrity and respect are the foundations of the work Kaplanova has built, her career and business. Those pillars are what she attributes her success to.

The move comes with the opportunity to offer her clients more areas of coverage options. The independent agency will allow her to be more competitive in helping their clients identify and secure insurance that covers their needs. With access to over twenty-five insurance carriers to customize policies, Kaplanova is looking forward to the opportunity to assist the regional community’s insurance needs. The agency will offer home, auto, flood, umbrella, life, business and other forms of insurance. Kaplanova is joined in the new agency by Melanie Rivera. Rivera brings over a dozen years of insurance experience to Goosehead Insurance.

Kaplanova is taking her global perspective and experience and providing a lifetime of knowledge in multiple fields to confidently serve members of her community. Her primary goal is to continue to focus on putting the needs of the client first. That customer-centric thinking has helped her build relationships that have lasted over two decades of work insuring and having people truly understand their coverage, policies and services. During good times and those filled with risk and uncertainty, a global view and experience balanced with a firm understanding regional specific needs may be just what our community needs.

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