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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges unseen in most of our lifetimes. Stress, anxiety and uncertainty in what we are facing and what we may or may not continue to face now seems to be part of many community members' and business owners' everyday existence.

It has long been known that business and success in business can be challenging and difficult. Many challenges existed before COVID-19 and have become even more common place since the original shut down of the economy occurred.

There are times when even a well-crafted plan does not match up with the reality you expected or hoped would occur. The reality you expected may have also hinged on other people’s decisions, actions and their follow through. Conditions change and people have a tendency to change their thought process and decisions based on information available. When this occurs it can test your mental fortitude as well as bend (but hopefully not break) your will to carry out your vision of developing and running a successful business.

One of the most basic ways to counteract and work through the stress, anxiety and the feelings of uncertainty is to go back to one basic belief. That is the belief in yourself and that feeling and the vision you set out to make a reality.

Remember what drove you to make decisions or to take leaps of faith. You may have to go back to the beginning of your business ownership journey. It is fair to say that there has been more than one defining moment of the testing of your mettle during the growth of your business. Perhaps this simple step of revisiting those feelings and recapturing the mental and physical fortitude may help to accept and work through the certainty of the uncertainty we are now facing.

After spending three decades assisting individuals to help make their business dream or business growth a reality, one thing became clearer to me with each year of experience in my consulting role. Those who continued to believe in themselves and never stop attempting to work through issues (no matter how big or how small) were able to overcome the challenges more times than not.

Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind to help keep you believing in yourself as well as your business as well as a few reminders of the realities of business:

• Believe in your own personal abilities, skills and experience.

• Believe in those around you whom you have worked with and trust.

• Collect as much information from those you trust and act on it as appropriate and practical.

• Do not let the lack of belief from others affect your belief in yourself.

• Revisit what inspired and motivated you to start and grow your business as often as needed.

• Continue to seek out and surround yourself with those who not only believe in you but those who believe in themselves.

• Trust your personal instincts but also be alert and aware of people who may seem to believe in you, but based on their past performance with others, do not demonstrate that belief with consistency.

• When challenged (and very much worth repeating), believe in your own personal abilities, skills and experience.

So remember, it may take a continued and unwavering belief in oneself to be successful in business and accept the uncertainty of these times. The great thing about this concept is you are in total control of what it takes to do so.

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