Kelly Herbst

So, salons and shops in the area have begun reopening, and it isn’t completely business as usual. Some have remained closed and may permanently close. Some opened and then found they had to shut down because a client called to say they had been in the day before and had been exposed to COVID-19 over coffee, or at their family BBQ, the day before. SO, please be patient and kind when going to patronize an establishment. Know that the profession is taking a risk to serve their clients and help them to feel good again all while hoping it’s all OK at the end of the day, week, month, season and year.

We work diligently to follow the screening, the limited capacity, the extra sanitation and other guidelines recommended by the CDC. And we thank you for also complying, by wearing a mask, being healthy when you come to see us, making appointments in advance, and understanding it takes a little longer right now due to all the extra precautions. And there is more ... .

Product prices have risen and are also, at the same time, scarce and hard to find. Hair has grown out and requires more product, a longer time to cut, more TLC to make it great, etc. Expect price increases, and if you have not experienced one yet, understand when it finally does come. It is out of necessity or your favorite salon or shop may have to close because they cannot survive under the current conditions. Conditions that may not let up for quite some time.

It’s not all seriousness though! Ever so slowly everyone is looking better and feeling better when they look in the mirror. Clients are leaving happy with big smiles on their faces under those masks!! The silver lining in this is many of you have decided to grow your hair longer or try a new color, or just give in to the gray. More natural hair, less fussy hair is trending and it looks good on everyone! Clients are having fun getting back into the salons and shops, getting their styles freshened up, and visiting with their favorite stylists and barbers!


Welcome Back!

Beauty Bits by Kelly Herbst appears monthly. Herbst is a professional cosmetologist and beauty educator and owner of The Hair Studio of Ocean City. You can submit questions to her at kellyh99@comcast.net.

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