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Presidential job description — Letter to the Editor

Presidential job description — Letter to the Editor

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What exactly is his job? We are so sick of hearing, "He's doing a great job."

Where ... how ... what? Look at his time management! Two weeks ago he met with Congressional leaders to address a two-year delay on infrastructure. They agreed to meet again in two weeks to plan funding and projects. Congressional leaders arrive with a 33-page plan. The president, who did no homework, decides to cancel the meeting and walk to the Rose Garden to trash everyone, while Ivanka and his staff stood on the side and laughed. His "work load" seems to be obstruct any congressional oversight, trash any perceived enemy or political threat by tweet. Rev up crowds of his supporters with hatred, derision and lies and after hours and hours of "executive down time" watching cable news constantly, he goes to his golf courses for golf and campaign money. By the way, four weekend golf trips cost the taxpayers the price of one Mueller report. There is a way for him to end investigations:

1) Release your tax returns

2) Explain the 22 communications between his campaign and the Russians

3) Take the money that was allotted to protect our coming election and use it to safeguard our democratic right to vote

4) Confront Big Pharma

5) Tell The NRA executives and gun manufacturers that we don't need assault weapons to mow down the citizenry and school children. Pass background checks.

6) Hire diplomats to engage in foreign diplomacy rather than tweet storms. 

The list is exhausting for a moral leader to actually do his job So far we are paying for a stacked billionaire cabinet officials and ridiculous temper tantrums by tweet. Are we taxpayers getting our money's worth?

Marcia Colman


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