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Transactions of real estate published Feb. 28

Transactions of real estate published Feb. 28

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Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


24 Kesler Ave, Spindler Rose Marie, Caputo Leonard to Nowak Kenneth, Nowak Denise T; 01/05/16. $125,000

78 W Delray Lane, Wagner Francis, Wagner Marie to Calabrese Maria L; 01/06/16. $175,000

450 N Shore Road, Hampf Robert, Hampf Lindsey, Drake Mcnaney Lindsey, Mcnaney Lindsey Drake to Luland Jodi B; 01/06/16. $194,000

161 Marin Drive, Dhaliwal Harinder to Dhaliwal Family LLC; 01/07/16. $72,000

749 Bayview Drive, Caredio Haggerty Linda, Haggerty Linda Caredio, Haggerty Michael to Reyes Chelsea; 01/08/16. $170,000

40 W Nevada Ave, Elco Peter C, Magee Elco Joann, Elco Joann Magee to Todd Erik D; 01/08/16. $157,000


2901 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic Brighton LLC, Chang Leticia to 2901 Atlantic Holdings LLC; 01/05/16. $250,000

39 N Bartram Ave, Jacob Earl S, Jacob Gary A to Moshe Inna, Shoshan Eli; 01/06/16. $135,000

917 Atlantic Ave, Bucceroni Sonya, 917 Atlantic Ave LLC to CR Property Ventures LLC; 01/06/16. $50,000

915 Atlantic Ave, 915 Atlantic Ave LLC, Bucceroni Sonya to CR Properties LLC; 01/06/16. $50,000

207 N Iowa Ave, Rodriguez Mario, Acosta Luz I to Rodriguez Esther Fernandez, Fernandez Rodriguez Esther; 01/06/16. $90,000

418-416 Annapolis Ave, Buckley Richard, Buckley Bernadette to Chowdhury Taslima; 01/07/16. $135,000

2409 Auburn Terrace, Lee Hannah to Auburn Terrace Rental LLC; 01/07/16. $45,000

2410 Arctic Ave, Caliber Home Loans Inc, US Bank NA, Lsf9 Master Participation Tr to Jaman Sultana; 01/07/16. $40,000

159 Westminster Ave, Dulce Group LLC, Dunn Michael to Bellao LLC; 01/08/16. $150,000

1700 Baltic Ave, Conwell Corp, Baltic Avenue Assoc, Conwell Limited Partnership to Cedar Rental Prop LLC; 01/08/16. $550,000


212 W Brigantine Ave, Ernst Ronald B, Ernst Erik B, Ernst Rhua C to Otto Virginia A, Otto Richard E; 01/06/16. $130,000

338 41st St South, Wolf Michael B to Sciasci John, Cooney Patricia J; 01/07/16. $225,000

222b 35th St South, Schaefer Wayne Edward, Schaefer Lynn to Overman Gary W, Ferren Carol L; 01/07/16. $360,000

211 S Roosevelt Blvd, Hart Joseph C, Hart Linda M to Noce Adam, Noce Carolyn; 01/07/16. $355,000

107 E Brigantine Ave Unit #106, CSM Pacific LLC, White Michael to Aranda Mary Nasette, Nasette Aranda Mary; 01/07/16. $185,000


202 Cedar Lake Drive, Joseph Porretta Bldrs Inc to Romano Kimberly; 01/05/16. $128,000

315 Lincoln Ave, PFS Financial I LLC, Pfs Finance Holdings LLC to Larriu Robert, Larriu Joel; 01/07/16. $170,000


226 St Louis Ave, Diamond Dolores D to Covington Stephen; 01/06/16. $118,500


101 Samuel Cotton Ave, Marroquin Roberto to Shaner James, Hayes Krystal; 01/04/16. $105,900

409 Rustic Ave, Varnadore Jennifer to Smith Robert M, Smith Cindy; 01/04/16. $230,000

303 Sea Pine Drive, Landmark Development No 4 LLC, Senseman Karl E to Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes; 01/05/16. $64,250

108 Boston Ave, Braun Frank, Braun Heather to Kirms Matthew; 01/05/16. $169,000

24 Hartford Drive, NJHR 1 LLC, Pollock Donald L to Balakrishnan Vijay Babu, Angamuthu Akilandanayaki; 01/05/16. $379,900

595 Zion Road, Autuore Ralph M to Steinthal Matthew; 01/05/16. $158,240

7118 Fernwood Ave, Needles Marie A, Needles Lewis S to Stone Joseph M, Stone Rose Eileen; 01/05/16. $335,000

124 Margate Blvd, Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp to Oceanview Marina LLC; 01/06/16. $250,000

427 Glenn Ave, Mendez Daniel, Mendez Cheryl D to Alston David; 01/06/16. $290,000

208 Ontario Ave, McGuire Brian, McGuire Eileen T to Diaz Kiara M, Mejia Maria R; 01/06/16. $192,500

3 Whitewater Lane, Indyg Charles J to Sylvia Indyg Intervivos Gst Tr, Indyg Sylvia; 01/07/16. $262,000

1b Oxford Ave, Arcangel Luis P, Fernandez Celeste to Bhatt Kishor, Bhatt Triveni; 01/08/16. $48,000

3 Pierce Road, Johnson Kellyanne, Kennedy Anna F to Bueno Luis, Bueno Zinnie; 01/08/16. $202,000

12 Heather Croft, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc to Herbst Woodson Karen, Woodson Karen Herbst; 01/08/16. $40,000

155 Heather Croft, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Pc, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones Pc to Salgado Ramon; 01/08/16. $51,900

105 Woodberry Drive, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Pisani Pasquale; 01/08/16. $185,000

558 London Court II, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc to Landestoy Berenice; 01/08/16. $77,000

317 Superior Road, Pirollo Joseph, Pirollo Kim to Ngo Jackie; 01/08/16. $170,000


171 Fifth Ave, Barbera Marguerita to Parillo Michael A; 01/07/16. $155,000


89 Sussex Place, Varma Ashok, Varma Damini to Dasilva Fernando, Toth Dasilva Agnes, Dasilva Agnes Toth; 01/05/16. $54,000

255 Father Keis Drive, Romano Joanne Crowe, Crowe Romano Joanne to Morrison Stephen K; 01/05/16. $170,000

206 Oakbourne Ave, Agoglia Robert to Agoglia Pasquale Robert; 01/05/16. $99,577

214 Patriots Court Unit A Bldg 29, West Coast Realty Serv Inc to Par 4 Inv Group LLC; 01/06/16. $45,000

100 Club Place, Par 4 Inv Group LLC, Weeks Kevin, Seddon Michael to Dye Lisa; 01/06/16. $62,000

520 Highlands Ave, Wolfe Charles, Wolfe Susan to Tilley William F; 01/06/16. $162,500

244 E Upland Ave, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Graff Emma V; 01/08/16. $73,250


61 Lewis Drive, Labrosse Margaret, Labrosse Ronald A to Pavignano Debra; 01/05/16. $250,000

5809 Oak St, Price Kenneth L to Cocca Robert, Cocca Karen; 01/05/16. $130,000

6313 Lance Ave, Winterbottom Carol L, Keefer Marsha H to Coffman Valerie, Coffman Richard L; 01/06/16. $72,000

203 Lenape Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc to Dagrosa David J, Dagrosa Christopher J; 01/06/16. $235,000

802 Sugarbush Court, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Tanasic Dusan, Tanasic Branka; 01/07/16. $46,390

4720 Summersweet Drive, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Fein Such Kahn Shepard Pc to Eagle Cove Inv LLC; 01/08/16. $118,000

3426 Juniper Court, New Jersey Housing And Mtg Fin Agcy to Chirinos Rosa, Criales Julia; 01/08/16. $25,000


430 Peach St, Copeland Gloria, Twesten Diane to Cantz Deborah L; 01/05/16. $160,000

258 Park Ave Unit A, KMD Construction LLC, Didonato Stephen M to Pernice Mark, Pernice Dianne; 01/07/16. $239,900

767 N Egg Harbor Road, Valecce Michael F, Pullia Jean, Finochio Sharon, Ferragino Frances, Kempczynski Susan, Valecce Ferdinand J, Valecce Fred J to Torres Wilfredo, Torres Gladys; 01/08/16. $75,000


2131 West Ave, Farber Robert G to Makarova Karina E, Anthony Michael T; 01/06/16. $255,000

419 W Vernon Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Stern Lavinthal Frankenberg LLC to Kelly Eileen; 01/06/16. $242,000

210 W Vernon Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Stern Lavinthal Frankenberg LLC to Migliore Marianna; 01/06/16. $138,000

305 Shore Road, JMJ Enterprise Ventures LLC, Jackson John M to Taylor Michael W, Taylor Tina M; 01/08/16. $189,900


118 N 32nd Ave, Otto Marla, Otto Stephen to Posusney Thomas M; 01/05/16. $430,000


117 N Harding Ave Unit B, Busillo John, Gray Amy to Odonnell John J, Odonnell Svetlana, Odonnell Francis, Odonnell Lenora; 01/04/16. $225,000

9105 Atlantic Ave, Pudles Gertrude, Pudles David to Murphy John B, Murphy Paula M; 01/04/16. $76,500

304 N Mansfield Ave, Leavens Frances M to Weinstock Oded, Weinstock Sarah; 01/05/16. $310,000

9505 Monmouth Ave Unit D, Verna Paul, Taddei John to Borow Hugh S, Linde Borow Barbara J, Borow Barbara J Linde; 01/06/16. $485,000


299 Mill Road, Cristaldi Michael to Hagel Matthew T; 01/05/16. $159,000

37 Northfield Plaza, Lovitz Geoffrey, Lovitz Constanza to Mallon Jaclyn N, Vitale Qwin J; 01/05/16. $189,900

116 E Oakcrest Ave, Sabatini Robert, Sabatini Kathryn to Castillo Jose, Cabrera Patricia; 01/05/16. $224,000


126 Wellington Ave, Rivera Aida I to Guerra Emigdio Alcides, Alcides Guerra Emigdio; 01/04/16. $60,000

28 E Edgewater Ave, Deutsche Bank Natl Tr Co, First Franklin Mtg Loan Tr 2006 Ff11, Wells Fargo Bk Na to Ramirez Luis A; 01/05/16. $42,000

22 W Merion Ave, Moore Thomas, Moore Bernadette to Cruz Diana E; 01/05/16. $64,000

421 W Reading Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn, Stern Lavinthal Frankenberg LLC to Cressey Edward J, Aristizabal David A; 01/05/16. $18,500


822 W New York Ave, Patel Rupa D, Patel Dikeshkum G to Lebron Demetrio J; 01/05/16. $164,000

333 Sunny Ave, HSBC Bank USA NA, Nomura Asset Accept Corp, Wells Fargo Bk Na to Rhater Paul M; 01/06/16. $63,000

120 Jordan Road, Dicosmo Mary Anne to Amaru Giovanbattista; 01/06/16. $172,500


10 N Baltimore Ave, Fortuna George to Utter George B, Berigan Karen E; 01/06/16. $270,000

202 N Cambridge Ave, Day Ann M to Turner Dylan E; 01/06/16. $148,000

Cape May County


7900 Dune Drive Unit 111, Karen Lande , Karen Alder to Chad Smith D, Carolyn Smith Mingioni; 1/4/2016. $96,000

2521 Dune Drive, 2521 Dune Drive LLC to Preppy Palm Holdings LLC; 1/8/2016. $348,000


549 Elmira St, Nora Pascarella to Cape Real Estate Developers LLC; 1/7/2016. $180,000


362 Kings Highway, Clermont Homes LLC to Brian Ruxton C, Kaitlin Ruxton D, Craig Ruxton R; 1/5/2016. $280,000

352 Fidler Road, Marie Goulburn S to Nicholas Lambert, Aubrey Lambert; 1/7/2016. $120,000

53 Wescott Road, Ventures Trust 2013 1-H-R, MCM Capital Partners LLC to Kelly Baker O’Brien; 1/7/2016. $195,000

149 Woodbine-Oceanview Road, Jefferson Van Drew H, Ricarda Van Drew R to Adam Dotts T; 1/8/2016. $110,000


118 Frances Ave, H Stewart William, Judith Stewart G to Meca Investments LLC, Ground Up Designs LLC; 1/6/2016. $55,000

114 E Florida Ave, Edward Meaney J, Barbara Meaney H to Dustin Klemovitch, Sharon Matteucci L; 1/7/2016. $100,000

1891 Bayshore Road, Brian Roth, Mary Jo Roth to Woodland Property Management LLC; 1/7/2016. $315,000

360 Evergreen Drive, Susan Dublin , Michael Bannan to David Curran, Donna Curran; 1/7/2016. $275,000

27 Barbara Terrace, Joanne Chase, Sharon Seibert P, John G Hudak Jr Irrevocable Trust to John Hudak G; 1/7/2016. $244,100

565 Nummytown Road, Norman Kelly D, Jennifer Kelly C to Edward Kraemer; 1/7/2016. $230,500

27 Delair Road, Theresa Du’Aime L, Dorothy Merlino-Gatti , James C Abele And Dorothy T Abele Irrevocable Trust to Donald Clark R, Lori Clark A; 1/8/2016. $310,000

209 Deborah St, Joanne Hogan F to Maria Santiago J, Mark Santiago; 1/8/2016. $215,000


10 Victory Drive, Edward Guinan J, Timothy Guinan J, Ann Guinan Christine M to Gilbert Dougherty J, Elaine Dougherty J; 1/4/2016. $222,500

3 Linden Circle, Gary De Orio A, Harold De Orio J to Katrina Jones M; 1/5/2016. $116,500

8 Third Ave, William D’Ulisse N, John O’Leary A to Nora Etzrodt J; 1/7/2016. $100,000

206 Vermont Ave, Wilmington Trust Co, Citimortgage Inc to Abdelkrim Benaouicha, Saliha Bougaci ; 1/8/2016. $72,000

307 Delaware Ave, Wells Fargo Bank NA, Wachovia Bank NA to Gary Mcaninch Edward, Nicoletta Mcaninch Marie; 1/8/2016. $153,775


513 E 7th Ave Unit 205, Andrew Liebman M, Margaret Liebman Mary to John Ioia L, Mary Ioia Ann; 1/7/2016. $117,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 105, PG/KG Trust, Paul Goldblatt, Kathleen Goldblatt to Edmond Sottile , Patricia Sottile; 1/7/2016. $102,900

417 East 19th Ave Unit 403, Leslie Broviak W to Michael Fedele , Jeannine Fedele; 1/8/2016. $130,000


208-10 Asbury Ave, HQ Investments LLC to North Peak Holdings LLC; 1/7/2016. $325,000

633-47 Wayne Ave Unit 15, Connell Rodden J, Carol Rodden Ann to William Cantiello John, Kathy Cantiello Anderson; 1/7/2016. $185,000

3560 Simpson Ave, Kurt Feinstein to Charles Vesay T, Barbara Vesay A; 1/7/2016. $167,900

3520 Simpson Ave, Carol Sauerbrey to Anthony Cosmi , Elizabeth Cosmi ; 1/8/2016. $199,000


5308 Landis Ave, Violet Kane T to Teresa Neubauer R, Joseph Neubauer A; 1/4/2016. $260,000

81 Sea Isle Road, Michael Mc Nasby J, Barbara Mc Nasby to Alan Muro J, Stephanie Muro D; 1/4/2016. $78,200

3914 Pleasure Ave Unit 101, 3914 Pleasure Avenue LLC to Kazmarck Enterprises LLC; 1/6/2016. $270,000

127 34th St Unit East, Christopher Long J, Nora Long Jo, N Long J to Michael Long J, Nancy Long T; 1/6/2016. $185,750

3400 Landis Ave Unit 205, Rosalie Garling M, Ronald Garling A to Lawrence Grimm M; 1/8/2016. $317,500

229 86th St 1st Floor North, Stephen Pajak, Judith Pajak to William Di Tomo J; 1/8/2016. $185,000


40 E Mapleshade Lane, Cynthia Corneal , Howard Corneal David, Howard Corneal D, Marie Corneal , Edward Corneal M, Howard Corneal D, Cynthia Corneal J to David Dickerson ; 1/8/2016. $165,000


560 W Magnolia Ave, Rare Properties LLC to Adal LLC; 1/7/2016. $80,000

562 W Magnolia Ave, Rare Properties LLC to Adal LLC; 1/7/2016. $80,000


307 E Hollywood Ave Unit #5, Francis Bakos A, Virginia Bakos A, F Bakos A to Francis Bakos A, Virginia Bakos A; 12/28/2015. $148,000

122 E Buttercup Road, Jerome Zalipsky J, Jerome Zalipsky J to Donald Longo , Eric Longo , Mia Dutton Longo; 1/7/2016. $275,000

Cumberland County


235 Irving Ave, Carbone, Mary Elizabeth to Nava-Bahena, Rene; 01/05/2016. $50,000

20 Spring St, Dare, Jean Ann By Atty to Coombs, James; 01/06/2016. $60,000

57 S Burlington Road, Watson, Hermin to Frias, Jose C Vera; 01/06/2016. $58,000

21 Marlyn St, Caffrey, Andrew A Jr Adm to Thompson, Michael J; 01/07/2016. $40,000


2029 E Buckshutem Road, Hinson, Virginia Mae By Atty to Johnson, Robert George; 01/06/2016. $225,000


74 Maple Ave, Crispo, Fred A Jr Exec to Marks, John W; 01/04/2016. $90,000

Cedarville Road, Mulherin, Jennifer to Dillahey, Robert Jr; 01/08/2016. $16,500


109 W McNeal St, Esposito, Jeffrey W to Garcia, Itzamar; 01/06/2016. $15,500

1004 Pleasant Drive, Barnett, Eric J to Williams, Joe H Jr; 01/06/2016. $141,000

205 E Broad St, Swanson, Robin J to Singh, Manpreet; 01/08/2016. $22,000


198 Northville Road, Inspired Investments, Properties LLC to Lewallen, Steven F; 01/06/2016. $174,900

51 Old Deerfield Pike, Hasher, Dawn R to Tyler, Frank A; 01/08/2016. $112,500


113 W Laurel St, Ramos, Pedro Ind Adm to Guzman-Ocampo, Alma D; 01/04/2016. $139,000

1761 Almond Road, Pennington, Susan to Crabtree, Richard W; 01/04/2016. $229,900

1812 Roosevelt Blvd, Menzoni, Blaise R to Riccio, Jared; 01/04/2016. $246,500

17 Victory Ave, Pepitone, Blaise to Clark, Roy A; 01/04/2016. $167,000

N Sixth Street, Murphy, Victoria R Exec to Russo, Michelle Cm; 01/05/2016. $69,700

1350 Gordons Place, Castagnoli, James R to Johnson, Tina J; 01/06/2016. $182,500

47 Shirley Court, Forestier, Jose J to Cruz, Juan; 01/06/2016. $90,000

1622 Strathmore Terrace, Dickenson, John W Jr to Cohen, Marcy; 01/06/2016. $230,000

1686 N East Ave, Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Corp By Atty to Morrison, Devon; 01/06/2016. $54,900

1126 Maple Ave, Graham, Clifford D to Rosas, Javier Vazquez; 01/06/2016. $178,500

711 Fox Lane, Kochman, Trent M to Graiff, Jonathon L; 01/06/2016. $217,900

468 Salem Ave, Losch, Harold to Caudill, Rickie L Jr; 01/06/2016. $235,400

3374 Dove Court, Bennett, Norman H to Smith, Anthony C Sr; 01/07/2016. $212,000

1532 Neptune Terrace, Perez, Carmen to Ramirez, Leonel Amaya; 01/07/2016. $122,000

1641 Tori Lane, Baxter, David M to Brissett, Wismond F; 01/08/2016. $340,000

59 Osborne Ave, Cordero, Maria to Owens, Jamie; 01/08/2016. $145,000

901 Cheltenham Drive, Wilmington Savings Fund, Society Dba By Atty to Melendez, Miguel A; 01/08/2016. $68,250

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped. Ocean County transactions were unavailable this week.

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