Details for VENTNOR CITY


VENTNOR HYDRANT FLUsHiNg Beginning on Monday, March 22, 2021, for a Six (6) week period, the Ventnor Water & Sewer Utility, in conjunction with the fire department, will conduct flow testing of the city’s fire hydrants and flushing of the systems water mains. The testing will begin at Jackson Avenue and proceed south to Fredericksburg Avenue, followed by Ventnor West, and finishing in Ventnor Heights. The testing will continue through Friday April 31, 2021. Residents should not be alarmed if discoloration of tap water is noticed, as this condition is not harmful dissipate. and will dissipa Residents should avoid washing clothes, especially white loads, throughout the testing period or while the water is discolored. There may be periods where the water pressure will drop somewhat when testing and flushing are ongoing throughout the day. If you have any questions please call Public Works at 609-823-7935

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