In Memory of Mr. William Cheatham 1930-2021 July 16, 2021 Dear Family and Friends of Mr. William Cheatham; Atlantic City Residents; Business Owners; Members of Religious Communities and Civic Organizations and City Officials: On June 27, 2021, we lost one of Atlantic City’s most staunch supporters. Mr. William Cheatham gave everything he had to Atlantic City with fervor, gusto and, above all, pride. He was an untiring advocate for this town and its most zealous cheerleader. Mr. Cheatham fought the unjust. He rallied against inequality. He supported solid plans and celebrated our triumphs. Even at 90, the “Mayor of Maryland Avenue” could outrun us all. His endless supply of energy, will, and determination were beyond what most humans could muster in a day, let alone a full lifetime. As a pillar of this community, the void he leaves behind is immeasurable. Mr. Cheatham was a good and moral man who always believed his beloved city could and would be better. Even during its toughest times, Mr. Cheatham never gave up on Atlantic City, and he was proud to have lived long enough to see the many positive, present-day changes come alive that he worked so tirelessly to achieve. He was kind, modest, and caring. He cherished words. He revered God. He loved his family. Our most fervent hope, however, is that Mr. Cheatham knew how much he was loved, too. Mr. Cheatham was not merely an acquaintance of ours in Atlantic City. He was someone we looked up to and admired. A role model to many, Mr. Cheatham was everything to us, professionally and personally. He was a counselor when we needed advice, a friend when we needed a hand, and a father when we needed love. Above everything, despite Mr. Cheatham’s connections and commitments to his family, his church and his career, it is his deep humility that will live on. It is that humility that we strive to emulate daily in our personal and professional lives. And, though it would be pointless to think that we could ever aspire to be as great a person as Mr. Cheatham, if by showing this one simple act, then just maybe, we could at least be half the man he was. Then we can take solace in the fact that we did him justice. Rest well, Mr. Cheatham, we all miss you. Joseph R. Jingoli Jr.

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