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PAID ADVERTISEMENT W henAnthonyMartinoand never had to restrict purchase his way from the smoke room that people saw what I was doing his wife Jamie bought to the meat counter to the grill and wanted to support me back the legendary Gaiss’ amounts. “It was absolute mayhem,” and eventually ownership. And Meat Market and Grill in Villas in for that. I look at my job as easy. January 2020, he obviously didn’t Martino says. “People literally although he has big shoes to fill, Treat your customers like family. know a pandemic was a few short couldn’t buy enough to feed their he certainly seems to be on the The previous owners perfected it, large families. But I knew people months away. When it hit and meat prices needed us and I wanted to do I just have to maintain it.” Gaiss’, located at 1215 Bayshore Road, Villas, is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Call 609-886-5121 or go to soared, Martino didn’t panic or whatever I could to help them. think about himself and his new We went from selling one of those venture, he thought about the Economizer packages a week to community, which turned out to selling 10 to 15 a day.” be the best thing he could ever Martino also helped keep a business afloat. A Piece of Cake do for his business. “I didn’t think about it,” Martino bakery, also in the Villas, was said.“I did it because it needed to unable to open because they were not an essential business. be done.” For starters, Martino slashed his So Martino reached out to the profit margins on meat purchases owner, worked out a deal and not to make things more affordable, only kept her baking and making offering bulk packages at prices money, but helped people notice that should have been much her bakery to the point that she more with the price increases he is now doing more business than was facing from suppliers. Normally, his largest meat ever. “I saw their posts on Facebook package called The Economizer - that they couldn’t open, and I bottom round beef roast, ground wasn’t able to fill the dessert case right track. He continues the “no shortcut” beef, sirloins, beef cubes, pork that we usually have because we chops, pork roast, ribs, chicken were too busy, so I reached out to philosophy of operating a true breasts, legs and a whole chicken – her and said,‘We don’t know each neighborhood market, creating, would sell at about $120. With other but I have a completely roasting and smoking their own the prices he was faced with, he empty case that is yours until meats including homemade should have charged customers you are able to open again. I don’t sausage, kielbasa, grillers, pork want any profits.’ And now she is roll, hot dogs, tomahawk steaks, $300, but capped it at $199. On top of that, he realized doing so much business that she a full deli case with salads a great his neighbors couldn’t buy the can’t keep up. We worked out grill with hot and cold sandwiches amount of food they needed an arrangement that she still plus groceries, desserts and to feed their families because has that space, we keep a small everything in between. supermarkets were restricting percentage, and we are both how much meat they could buy. happy that her product is here.” So, Martino found alternative “Helping the community has really grown my business Martino, 30, has worked in exponentially, but that wasn’t suppliers to make sure they had Gaiss’, which has been open why I did it,” he says. “It ended up enough meat every day so they since 1928, for 13 years, working being a pay-it-forward situation We have fresh and tender Tomahawk steaks! Call us today to claim yours! Visit us for all your summer grilling needs! The best recipes begin at Gaiss’s! Open every Day 9aM-6pM Custom Cut Choice Meats Award Winning Artisan Sausages Fresh Made Salads 609-886-5121 • 1215 Bayshore Road at Bates Avenue • Villas, NJ

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