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Questions? What Hearing Aid Is Best for My Type of Hearing Loss? Do I Really Have a Hearing Loss or Just “Selective Hearing?” How Do I Know That I’m Not Going to Pay Too Much for a Hearing Aid? The SAAD Family has been serving the hearing impaired since 1938! We will be happy to meet you, test your hearing personally and answer all hearing related questions. Factory Sponsored Discounts on Warranty Upgrades & Hearing Devices Don’t Miss This Remarkable Learning Event! YOU’LL NEVER THINK OF HEARING AIDS THE SAME WAY AGAIN! To make this event very special we will make available... FREE Hearing Evaluation FREE Office Visits FREE FREE Hearing Aid Batteries Otoscopic Ear Inspection WE WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR HEARING AIDS PURCHASED ONLINE if you trade them in on today’s advanced technology! This is a limiTed Time offer. CUSTOM ITE $ $ SAVE 200 Class A Circuit Up to 35 db loss by Prairie 695 Reg. $895 Exp 04/15/2021 Exp 12/31/2019 CUSTOM CANALS $ $ SAVE 200 Class A Circuit Up to 35 db loss by Prairie 795 Reg. $995 Exp 11/6/15 Exp 12/31/2019 Exp 04/15/2021 CAPE MAY COUNTY HEARING AID DISPENSARY 204 S. MAIN ST. • CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE 609-465-9199 • JAMES L. SAAD, JR. N.J LIC #171 NEW JERSEY LICENSED HEARING AID DISPENSERS RICHARD J. SAAD N.J LIC #324

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