Details for OC BOE

501 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1
Ocean City, NJ 08226-3891
Phone: (609) 399-4161
Fax: (609) 399-4656
Notice of Award
Professional Services
The Ocean City Board of Education met on May 26, 2021, and awarded the following contracts for professional services pursuant to
18A:18A.5.2(1).The resolution of award and the contracts listed below are available for public inspection at the Office of the Board of Education
Secretary located at 501 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1, Ocean City, New Jersey from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Nature of Contract
Phoenix Advisors, LLC
Strauss Esmay Associates, LLP
Ford, Scott & Associates
McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC
Comegno Law Group P.C.
McCrosson and Stanton, P.A.
RYEBREAD Architects
DiJoseph Investigations, LLC
KD National Force Security, LLC
Epic Environmental Services

Dante Guzzi Engineering Associates, LLC
Davinci Group
Kelter & Gilligo Consulting Engineers
Jerry Horowitz, D.O.
Rothman Institute
Deborah L. Huber, OTR
Kristina Bonstead, PT, DPT
Thomas O’Reilly, MD
Medford Family Psychiatry, LLC
Joseph Davidow, Ed.D.
Burlington County
Educational Services
Brett DiNovi & Associates, LLC
Advancing Opportunities
Para-Plus Translation Services
Multilingual Assessment Services
REM Audiology Associates
Sign4U Interpreting Service, LLC
Starlight Homecare Agency, Inc.
Interactive Kids
Arc of New Jersey

Printer Fee: $120.96
Pub Date: June 8, 2021

Continuing Disclosure Compliance
Board of Education Policy Updates
2020-21 school year audit to be conducted
during the 2021-22 school year
Bond Counsel
Labor and other Counsel with Mark Toscano
assigned to serve as Lead Counsel
Solicitor of the Board of Education with Michael
Stanton designated as Board Solicitor
Architect of Record
Student Residency Investigator and security
services provider (on an as needed basis)
Professional Security Specialist services for
home sporting events
Regulatory and environmental compliance,
including but not limited to AHERA,
Right-to-Know and Indoor Air Quality
(on an as needed basis)
Civil Engineering
(on an as needed basis)
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
(on an as needed basis)
Mechanical Engineering
(on an as needed basis)
School Physician
Athletic Training
Occupational Therapy
(on an as needed basis)
Physical Therapy
(on an as needed basis)
Psychiatric Services
(on an as needed basis)
Psychological Evaluations
(on an as needed basis)
Psychological Evaluations
(on an as needed basis)
Virtual Education for homebound students
(on an as needed basis)
Behavioral Consultation and Clinical Associate
Assistive Technology Consultation and
Language Translation and Interpretive Services
Bilingual (Spanish/English) Speech Language
(on an as needed basis)
Audiological Evaluations
(on an as needed basis)
Interpreting Service for deaf and hard of
hearing persons (on an as needed basis)
Nursing care to special education students
Behavior Therapy Services
Agreement of Services for Planning and
Adult Life

$150/hour – additional compensation
$160/hour – Principal Architect
$160/game per PSS
$65/hour – consulting services
$55/hour – technician services
$144/hour – Principal Engineer
$130/hour – Principal Engineer
$225/hour – Principal Engineer
$33 - $135/session
(dependent upon type of service)
$63/session – individual therapy
$300/hour – consulting
$575/psychological evaluation
$175/hour – additional work rate
$400 - $550/evaluation
(dependent upon type of evaluation)
$249 - $1,999
(dependent upon length of course)
$990/AT evaluation
$1,320/AAC evaluation
$68.50/hour – Spanish
$99.50/hour – Other Language
$105.00/hour – ASL
$295 - $595/evaluation
(dependent upon type of evaluation)
$62.50/hour (6 hours of less)
$420 (full day assignment)
$60/hour (RN services)
$48/hour (LPN services)
No Cost to Board

Timothy E. Kelley
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Ocean City Board of Education
June 4, 2021
Order #: 0000167402


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